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  • Get 1 Tip for each of today's Horse and Dog meets.
  • These are the best bets as assessed by our experts
  • 40% WINNING Strike Rate
  • Ideal for the novice punter
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SUREpick Tips

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  • Live Prices for both Thoroughbreds and Greyhounds
  • On-course market tracker
  • Professionally assessed prices for each runner in every race highlighting the value bets
  • Speed Maps for all races
  • Late mail comments
  • Live TAB prices for an easy comparison with our prices
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SUREpick Live Prices

SUREpick Ratings

  • Ratings for every runner for both Thoroughbred and Greyhound racing
  • Highlighting top rated runner
  • Early Speed Maps for all races
  • Jockey colours
  • Race comments
  • Race confidence guide
  • PDF print option
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Robert Hill
Greyhound Expert

SUREpick Greyhound ratings service is the brainchild of Robert Hill, a highly successful professional with more than 30 years experience as a trainer, owner, bookmaker and punter in the greyhound industry. Robert is regarded around the track as an icon.

Why punters, bookmakers and TABs rely on SUREpick

Unrivalled winning strike rate
20% above industry average

Live on-course
price fluctuations

Most accurate ratings and betting markets available

Best Bets for Trots

Highlights the value runners

Early Speed predicions

What our customers say

“I was on the punt the other night & got on an incredible streak using the SUREpick. The SUREpick top rater won 10 races in a row including a $5, $6 & $8 winners. I was even happy to fess up to the missus that I was having a bet.”

Steve Negrine

“I know more about my runner than anyone else and SUREpick gives me the most accurate information on all the other runners in the field. This is so important in assessing my runner's chances.”

David Goldman

“I've been bookmaking for over 20 years and have been using SUREpick for most of that time. SUREpick data is very accurate and provides enormous value to punters in the never ending quest of finding a winner.”

Current bookmaker