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Frequently Asked Questions

Where has the Free Trial gone?
We hope you have enjoyed the Free trial of SUREpick. Free trials are currently suspended. They are being re-evaluated and may return in the future.
How do I use SUREpick?
We have produced a simple SUREpick User Guide.
Who creates the Thoroughbred and Greyhound assessments?
SUREpick has provided greyhound ratings exclusively at tabs, clubs and pubs around Australia since 1993. In 2012 we partnered with Winning Ways and Harness Racing Technology to expand our services to Thoroughbred and Harness assessments.

We are now excited to provide at-the-track and stay-at-home punters with access to live thoroughbred, harness and dog prices and ratings via a PC or mobile device. The thoroughbred prices are provided by Winning Ways and SUREpick provide the greyhound assessments.
How much does it cost?
The cost of our products depends upon the subscription you purchase.

You can purchase Today's SUREpick Tips for just $10 per day. This gives you our best bets for each horse & dog meeting.

You can also purchase a 1 day PRO Pass for $29 per day, or less depending upon your subscription plan. The PRO Pass includes the Today's SUREpick Tips, as well as gives you access to the Live prices service, the web ratings, speed maps, race comments & printable PDFs.
What proof do I have that your analysts really are as good as you say they are? Who are your experts?
Check out our Statistics page. These statistics give you our strike rates across codes since 1st June 2012 up to today.
Why can I only see 10 minutes ahead on the Live service?
We only allow our customers to look at prices 10 minutes into the future to "protect" the prices. We do not want third parties coming to our site in the morning and cleaning out all the prices, and them claiming them as their own. The concept of the Live service is to give you an "up to the minute" assessment of chances together with selection advice based upon the current tote price and where the money is going at the track or on the betting exchange.
I have forgotten my what?
It is a simple matter to reset your password, just go to Forgotten Password page. You can change your password or any other preferences any time you are logged in by going to the Account Details page.
Who owns SUREpick and this website?
Winning Form Pty Ltd, ABN 48 114 921 523.
I have a question or suggestion. Can I contact you?
Sure, we are always happy to help our customers. You can email or call us, just click Contact Us for more details.
Why don't you provide a harness product?
Our research indicated lower support amonsgt our clients for the harness product, and we could not justify the cost of the premium product.